What they're saying about Angel

"Ms Blue is a superb singer. The lead role asks a lot from any singer; the score is tricky and a vast vocal range is expected but Angel Blue was flawless. Her upper vocal work had a particularly glitzy shine and there was a freshness to her singing which lasted through the whole evening."
Opera Britannia
"The purest voice belonged to soprano Angel Blue as Clara; Summertime is always an arresting opening aria, but hers was a lyric triumph."
Boston Classical Review
"Angel Blue was voluptuous in voice and figure as Giulietta."
Opera News "Tales of Hoffmann"
"Her honeyed timbre was heard to fine effect in an intimate rendition of Donde lieta usci, from La Bohème.”
The New York Times
"A sensational story... a big voice"
Melvyn Bragg
"The beauty queen with the voice of an angel"
The Mail
"She has killer high notes and killer theatrical instincts!"
Los Angeles Times
"One of the outstanding voices of her generation"
Financial Times
"opera singer Angel Blue: a tall, magnificently upholstered Musetta, sassy and warm-hearted, with a rich, velvety voice to match…...She's sultry, dramatic and spine-tingling"
The Times
"gifted American soprano with a charming name, good looks and a glaringly powerful set of pipes."
The Times